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  1. madam are u not going to revive pointblank vip? coz lot of ur costumer still waitin

    g ..thank you

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    For Asianism

    OK na... medyo busy lang, dami din kasi prob sa personal life. #thread locked.
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    sf2 vip h4ck

    #Fixed - closed.
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    ExileDCF For CFPH V1.8 - 01/30/2019

    #Locked - New Crossfire Patched 2/7/19
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    ahh i seee.. just hit me on pm. #locked
  6. Information! SOMETIME YOU WILL GET CRASH. JUST OPEN AGAIN USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Information! - Shoot Through Wall is Useful for ZA Mode - Rapid Fire is useful for ZA Mode - Requirement: + .NET Framework 4.5.1: [Hidden Content] + Visual C++ Redistributable Packages: [Hidden Content] Screenshot: - Intruction: + Download and unzip + Open Exe File As Administrator, click Active Cheat (recommended using Chrome for activation) + Solve the captcha from website to continue, wait 8 seconds and press Get Link + DONT CLOSE LOADER. OPEN GAME AND PLAY ! + Use mouse to enable/disable function . Press Insert for hide/show menu - Download Link : Click Here To Download - Virus Scan (False Alarm): [Hidden Content] Credits: @ComboDance @Depressed @Davinci Junior the MXVIII
  7. class CPlayerBase { public: char __spacer00[0x825C]; BYTE Index; // 0x825C char __spacer01[0x3]; BYTE GameType; // 0x8260 char __spacer02[0x7]; BYTE GameCount; // 0x8268 char __spacer03[0x6507]; BYTE CafePoint[4]; // 0xE770 char __spacer04[0xC]; BYTE DoubleUp[4]; // 0xE780 char __spacer05[0xC]; BYTE TimesPoint; // 0xE790 char __spacer06[0xB]; BYTE KnifePoint; // 0xE79C char __spacer07[0x9F]; BYTE FastSwitch[4]; // 0xE83C char __spacer08[0x1F]; BYTE VIPHost; // 0xE85F char __spacer09[0x21F]; BYTE HolyBless[4]; // 0xEA7F char __spacer11[0x14D9]; DWORD GameHost; // 0xFF5C char __spacer12[0x40]; DWORD PlayerCount; // 0xFFA0 }; Latest Struct as of 2/5/19... Have fun 🙂
  8. struct CPlayer { // Slot Ref: 0 = Primary, 1 = Secondary, 2 = Knife, 4 = Grenade DWORD SetWeaponDamage(int Slot, int Damage) { return *(PDWORD)((Slot * 0x19284) + DWORD(this) + 0x930) = Damage; } }; Have fun 🙂 ... working as of 2/5/19.
  9. Key Product: Office Pro Plus 2016 - MAK Key Type: MAK ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MD5 Key: 6cf664c92f04cff394539bb046a75d4c Decrypt MD5 Key here to get the Real Key: [Hidden Content] ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Activation Count (Online): 243 Activation Count (Phone) : Unknown Grab it Now 🙂 This is limited only...
  10. void ConnectBone(HOBJECT* Obj, const char *sNodeName, const char *eNodeName, DWORD color) { auto StartPos = GetPlayerBonePositionByName(Obj, sNodeName); auto EndPos = GetPlayerBonePositionByName(Obj, eNodeName); if (WorldToScreen(&StartPos) && WorldToScreen(&EndPos)) DrawLine(StartPos.x, StartPos.y, EndPos.x, EndPos.y, color); } void DrawPlayerBone(HOBJECT* Obj, DWORD color) { // Top ConnectBone(Obj, B_NECK, B_HEAD, color); // BackBone ConnectBone(Obj, B_PELVIS, B_NECK, color); // Left Leg ConnectBone(Obj, B_L_THIGH, B_PELVIS, color); ConnectBone(Obj, B_L_CALF, B_L_THIGH, color); ConnectBone(Obj, B_L_FOOT, B_L_CALF, color); // Right Leg ConnectBone(Obj, B_R_THIGH, B_PELVIS, color); ConnectBone(Obj, B_R_CALF, B_R_THIGH, color); ConnectBone(Obj, B_R_FOOT, B_R_CALF, color); // Right Hand Drawing ConnectBone(Obj, B_R_UPPERARM, B_NECK, color); ConnectBone(Obj, B_R_FOREARM, B_R_UPPERARM, color); ConnectBone(Obj, B_R_HAND, B_R_FOREARM, color); // Right Hand // Left Hand ConnectBone(Obj, B_L_UPPERARM, B_NECK, color); ConnectBone(Obj, B_L_FOREARM, B_L_UPPERARM, color); ConnectBone(Obj, B_L_HAND, B_L_FOREARM, color); // Left Hand } Credit: Me
  11. D3DXVECTOR3 GetPlayerBonePositionByName(HOBJECT* obj, const char* pNodeName) { UINT out; Transform Trans; if (!pILTModelClient->pLTModel->GetNode(obj, pNodeName, out)) pILTModelClient->pLTModel->GetNodeTransform(obj, out, &Trans, 1); return (Trans.Pos); } Credit: Me 🙂
  12. void Draw3DBox(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 xDev, D3DXVECTOR3 Min, D3DXVECTOR3 Max, DWORD color) { if (xDev) { auto vVec3 = Min; vVec3.x = Max.x; auto vVec4 = Min; vVec4.y = Max.y; auto vVec5 = Min; vVec5.z = Max.z; auto vVec6 = Max; vVec6.x = Min.x; auto vVec7 = Max; vVec7.y = Min.y; auto vVec8 = Max; vVec8.z = Min.z; D3DXVECTOR2 oVec1, oVec2, oVec3, oVec4, oVec5, oVec6, oVec7, oVec8; if (WorldToScreen(&Min, &oVec1) && WorldToScreen(&Max, &oVec2) && WorldToScreen(&vVec3, &oVec3) && WorldToScreen(&vVec4, &oVec4) && WorldToScreen(&vVec5, &oVec5) && WorldToScreen(&vVec6, &oVec6) && WorldToScreen(&vVec7, &oVec7) && WorldToScreen(&vVec8, &oVec8)) { DrawLine(xDev, oVec1.x, oVec1.y, oVec5.x, oVec5.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec2.x, oVec2.y, oVec8.x, oVec8.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec3.x, oVec3.y, oVec7.x, oVec7.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec4.x, oVec4.y, oVec6.x, oVec6.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec1.x, oVec1.y, oVec3.x, oVec3.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec1.x, oVec1.y, oVec4.x, oVec4.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec8.x, oVec8.y, oVec3.x, oVec3.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec8.x, oVec8.y, oVec4.x, oVec4.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec2.x, oVec2.y, oVec6.x, oVec6.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec2.x, oVec2.y, oVec7.x, oVec7.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec5.x, oVec5.y, oVec6.x, oVec6.y, color); DrawLine(xDev, oVec5.x, oVec5.y, oVec7.x, oVec7.y, color); } } } To Use it: Draw3DBox(Device_Ptr, Player->Object->Min, Player->Object->Max, Red);
  13. Steps: Open command prompt as Admin Type: bcdedit.exe /set nx AlwaysOff Pres Enter Type: bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff Press Enter Restart system...
  14. if(your_key) { auto __0x528 = *(DWORD*)(CPlayerClntBasePTR + 0x528); auto __0x618 = *(DWORD*)(CPlayerClntBasePTR+ 0x618); if (HIWORD(__0x528)) { // Yeah just HIWORD will do the job for yah *(DWORD*)(CPlayerClntBasePTR + __0x524) = -1; *(DWORD*)(CPlayerClntBasePTR + __0x52C) = 1; *(DWORD*)(CPlayerClntBasePTR + 0x830) = 32; } if (HIWORD(__0x618)) { *(DWORD*)(CPlayerClntBasePTR + 0x614) = -1; *(DWORD*)(CPlayerClntBasePTR + 0x61C) = 1; *(DWORD*)(CPlayerClntBasePTR + 0x920) = 32; } } No need for Game Mode Check. All Modes Supported. Credits: AOE and Me.
  15. Asianism

    Crossfire PH Remote Kill Source Code

    this is still working