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Scam Alert!!

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i know nobody's  dumb enough to believe a scammer like this but please guys be careful!! @JustCry told me thats theres someone using my name and pretending to be miss asianism.. this..  is..  R E A L.. no joke.

 just to remind you guys the only person who can confirm and accept your payment is @Asianism << AGz Owner/Coder

you can ask her directly about her facebook etc.  

Also I dont accept any kind of payments for vip subscription i always redirect our vips to miss Asianism. 

again please dont believe or send your transaction details to anyone other than @Asianism 

Current Asiangamerz Staffs:  







if someone added you with a name like us etc. ask our official accounts here on AsianGamerz first thru DM/PM. 


~~Lastly i would fckin not name my social media account or any account with some lame ass name like "mikaa da seller" thats fcking disgusting wtf.   "da seller"?? the hell is that?  what do i even sell?  a fckin gangsta napkin?  so gobless to that noob and cheers everyone.

be safe and alert.  :) 

sorry about the cursing. hahaha 

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